Providence, RI: Mayor Jorge Elorza, Public Safety Commissioner Steven M. Paré, Colonel Hugh T. Clements, Jr. and members of the Providence Police Department gathered at City Hall tuesday for the promtional ceremony of twenty-four members of the department.

Members of the PPD that have been promoted are as follows:

Promoted to the rank of Captain:
Lt. Kevin M. Lanni
Lt. Timothy E. O’Hara
Lt. Luis F. San Lucas

Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant:
Sgt. James J. Barros
Sgt. Ernest R. Forlini, Jr.
Sgt. Stephen J. Gencarella
Sgt. Michael J. Fallon
Sgt. David D. Allen

Promoted to the rank of Sergeant:
Det. Matthew Cute
Ofc. Patrick Mullholland
Det. Joseph R. Hanley, III
Ofc. Sean P. Comella
Ofc. Joshua E. Greeno

Promoted to the rank of Detective:
Ofc. David Harrington
Ofc. Ryan Moroney
Ofc. John Martin
Ofc. Richard Mendez
Ofc. Matthew Rampone
Ofc. Brian Muldoon
Ofc. Douglas J. Steele
Ofc. Andrew Mignanelli (Youth Services Bureau)
Ofc. Andrew Lawton (Youth Services Bureau)
Ofc. Michael Pattie (Youth Services Bureau)
Ofc. Jeffrey Richards (Youth Services Bureau)
PPD 2 NOV 21