STATE HOUSE — Representative Robert Nardolillo III (R-District 28 Coventry) calls
upon Governor Raimondo to publicly release all documents related to UHIP after Rhode
Island’s Auditor General Dennis Hoyle, recently reported the benefits eligibility
system has cost over $400 million.

Representative Nardolillo said, “We are talking about federal and taxpayer dollars
being spent on a failed system that put Rhode Island on the map for incompetence.
Clearly, the Governor’s administration is beyond incompetent, otherwise, this would
never have happened. Therefore, the public deserves the opportunity to see the
data. In the interest of transparency, and protecting the varied interests of Rhode
Island’s most vulnerable in the future, the Governor’s administration needs to
release all of the information from both the Deloitte and state project teams

“Representative Nardolillo said, “This was a state project, using federal and
taxpayer money. Also, under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), the public has a
right to access every document related to this project. The fact that the
Governor’s office has not released all documents tells me, the administration may be
hiding information that will further infuriate the public,” he added.

“I would like to see IT professionals, approved by the General Assembly, review and
perform a third party, non-partisan investigation into the failed system and report
its findings back to the General Assembly. I know to know why this system failed
and precisely how much it cost. I believe there may be more to this story than the
Audior General discovered.”

“While I appreciate that the Governor has published some information on the UHIP
website, these curated System Health reports, Project Status reports etc. are not
enough. While Deloitte has offered Rhode Island credits, it is nothing in
comparison to overall cost of this project, after lawsuits, impending fines, and not
to mention, the cost of human pain and suffering. Many RI households are suffering
after being denied the assistance they depend on to feed their families. All of
this is due to the incompetence and faulty project management of our administration
and its vendor of choice, Deloitte.”