President Trump is entirely correct when he criticizes those who refuse to stand for the National Anthem or the Pledge of Allegiance. While I support everyone’s right to protest peacefully, there are a million ways to protest. The National Anthem is where we the people of this great country give thanks to those who have given their lives for all the freedoms we enjoy. I support President Trump who is one man trying to emphasize the importance of this message. Athletes need to realize that young kids look up to them and the last thing we need is to have them mimic their athletic heroes and not fully understand what it means to not honor this country and the people who have given their lives for us.

Athletes need to realize that people want to come to a game or event and get away from politics to just enjoy the game. Players and entertainers also need to realize that they have a diverse audience that does not come to an event to be preached to but just be entertained. People need to stand up and send a strong message to these folks. We are not going to contribute to your financial successes if you are going to disrespect this country.