The largest and most diverse class in the department’s history has been sworn in as
the newest officers representing Providence’s Finest

After an extensive selection process of over 2,200 applicants and the completion of
24-weeks of training, these 55 men and women represent the largest and most diverse
class in the department’s 153-year history. 27 recruits are first-generation
citizens of the United States, nine were born outside of the United States, 19 are
bilingual and the class includes 38 minorities and 12 women.

“Today marks an important occasion as we congratulate the 68th Providence Police
Department Academy on the completion of their training,” said Mayor Jorge O. Elorza.
“As the most diverse class in our department’s history, this cohort has the
opportunity to strengthen the community-police relations that have benefited our
city. We thank our newest officers for their commitment to ensuring the safety of
the people of Providence.”
“This is a remarkably proud day for this department and the City of Providence,”
said Colonel Clements. After six months of rigorous training, which is a taxing on
both you and your families, you have certainly earned your way onto one of the
finest police departments in the nation. Each and every one of you should be proud
to be part of the most diversified police academy within the long and fascinating
history of the Providence Police Department.”
The Providence Police Department Training Academy is under the command of Major
Oscar Perez. In addition to Lt. Lanni, members of the staff include Deputy Director
Sergeant James Barros, Officer Sean Brown, Officer Roberto Gutierrez, Detective
Matthew Greely, Detective Jose Pineda, Detective Donna Newton and Officer Steve
Cileli. Sergeant Robert Boehm also served as the defensive tactics instructor for
the academy.
Awards were also given out for Marksmanship, Physical Fitness, Academics, and for
Highest Overall Training Achievement.