To celebrate the month of love and friendship , Shalim decided to release the song “Va A Llover ” , specially dedicated to “people who feel a little heartbreak because they have no partner ” on this date, the singer said . “It’s an issue that touches my heart.”

After participating in the successful telenovela “Lady and laborer” ( Telemundo ) , the singer wants to use the technology to launch his music without having to commit to the strenuous routine of promotion that involves the release a full album on the market .

“I think [technology] is a big advantage for the small group of us [artists] to do both [acting and singing]” he said.

Besides his work commitments, he has the added responsibility of being a father of Liam, his 4 years old son. “He is beautiful “he says of his son.” He [his son] rules.”

Liam is already following in his father’s footsteps, accompanying Shalim in a campaign for DirecTV. ” I started at age 4 with my parents ,” said the son of the legendary conductor Charytín . ” I would be lying if I said I dream of Liam being an artist obviously not. But I cannot be selfish or hypocritical if he gets to have that opportunity, as long as we can create a balance that will not affect his growth. ”