Colonel Ann C. Assumpico, Superintendent of the Rhode Island State Police and
Director of the Department of Public Safety, today announced the start of a
recruitment campaign for the 2018 Rhode Island State Police Training Academy.
Colonel Assumpico’s top priority since being appointed as Superintendent of State
Police has been to recruit and promote a gender- and racially diverse mix of men and
women who reflect the ethnic and cultural diversity of the communities they serve.
She already has promoted 10 women and members of minority groups – nearly a third of
the 36 people she has promoted so far. This will be the first State Police Training
Academy of her tenure and her goal is to have a large pool of highly qualified
diverse candidates when the Class of 2018 begins next June.
Colonel Assumpico has been working closely her Training Staff and Chief Terrance
Gainer and his team of nationally recognized law enforcement experts to review past
practices and policies and develop specific tactics to improve recruitment and
retention of all candidates.
“There is no magic wand when it comes to increasing diversity among our ranks,”
Colonel Assumpico said. “However, we believe we now have a better understanding of
what works, what doesn’t work and what we need to do better when it comes to
recruiting and retaining a diverse pool of candidates.”
Some of the new recruitment efforts include:

* Holding orientation sessions throughout the state to provide specific
information applicants need to physically, mentally and emotionally prepare for
the recruitment process;
* Hosting panel discussions with female troopers who can address the specific
questions and concerns women may have about a career in law enforcement;
* Establishing a Recruit Mentorship Program in which each candidate and
alternate will be teamed with a mentor who will work with them as a group and
individually to prepare mentally and physically for the recruitment process and
Training Academy;
* Adopting a more universally accepted method of recruitment and screening that
meets the national standards for law enforcement agencies.

“We remain firmly committed to recruiting and retaining a highly-qualified workforce
that is diverse, well-educated, physically fit and committed to public service,”
Colonel Assumpico said.

Colonel Assumpico also thanked Governor Raimondo and members of the General Assembly
for authorizing the new Training Academy, noting that state leaders recognize the
need to replenish the staff as a result of current and anticipated vacancies. She
also thanked Office of Diversity, Equity, and Opportunity (ODEO) Associate Director
Cheryl Burrell for her support during the upcoming recruitment campaign.
“These are opportunities, not only to serve in the law enforcement profession, but
to serve the community directly in a meaningful way,” Director Burrell. “We need to
embrace the talents and diversity that exist in all communities, and that is what
today is all about. Governor Raimondo knows the importance of ensuring that our
ranks reflect the makeup of our state and is committed to strengthening the ties
between law enforcement and our communities through teamwork and appreciation of
each other’s cultural differences.”

For more information or to apply for the 2018 Rhode Island State Police Training
Academy, please visit our website at