East Providence= Governor Raimondo attends “First Annual Leaders’ Luncheon” at Emma G. Whiteknact Elementary School where Governor for the Day, Mianna Gonsalves is a student.
Governor for the Day, Mianna had the honor to welcome and begin the program with the Principal, Teresa Medeiros and Mianna’s 5th grade teacher, Amy Resnick

Also in attendance was Keynote speaker Governor Gina Raimondo and Commissioner Ken Wager.

The Governor  took a tour of the school after the Luncheon and address Mianna’s class.  She started by reading something the Mianna wrote.  “I want to be a leader, but I need opportunities to lead.”

The Governor went on to tell the children the reason she has this competition every year and she hopes that the students that participates take one thing and that is to be the best they can be and be whatever they want to be.” “Do your best that you can be, I know you will be great!”