The Cranston Police Department is conducting a community survey
regarding police services and crime. This survey is designed to provide the
police department administration with insight related to the current state of
customer service, crime related perceptions, community concerns, and also
desired police services. Responses to this survey will be anonymous, unless
contact information is provided by the individual completing the survey.
The community survey is open to everyone, regardless of residency,
however all residents, business owners, and visitors to Cranston are strongly
encouraged to complete this brief survey. This is a valuable opportunity for the
department to analyze the perceptions and realities of both the police and
community to develop a focused and targeted strategic plan for the future of
our city. By completing this survey, you will provide the Cranston Police
Department with important information that will help to guide the future
programs and activities of the agency. The results of this survey will be used as
a catalyst for continued improvement along with the efficient deployment of
agency and community resources.
The survey should take no more than approximately 10 minutes to
complete and will be available on the Cranston Police Department website at as a link or can be accessed directly at
The links have also been published on the department Facebook page
and Twitter feed. It will be available until July 30th, 2017.
Your participation is greatly appreciated.